Magtec powers hybrid military vehicles for battlefield of the future

By Beth Machin

September 14, 2021

Magtec is supporting the British Army programme to assess the benefits that hybrid military vehicles can bring to the battlefield of the future.

Magtec has provided electrification for experimental prototypes of the Foxhound patrol vehicle, Jackal combat reconnaissance vehicle and MAN support vehicle for the British Army. The vehicles are currently undergoing evaluation at UTAC’s Millbrook Proving Ground in the Army’s Technology Demonstrator 6 (TD6) project with project partners including NP Aerospace and RBSL.

The vehicles will be on display at DSEI, the international defence industry exhibition taking place in London from September 14-17.

Marcus Jenkins, Chief Technical Officer at Magtec, said:

“We are delighted with the progress to date in demonstrating the effectiveness of our drive systems for the most demanding military applications. These hybrid vehicles offer multiple technical and operational enhancements for military vehicles while reducing reliance on fossil fuel.

“We are proud to support the British Army with this important programme, which has the potential to create a significant number of highly skilled engineering jobs in the North of England and strengthen the UK’s position at the forefront of the global transport sector.”

Battlefield advantages include increased stealth with reduced thermal and noise signature, enabling vehicles to escape detection as troops observe or attack enemy forces. Electric motors enable immediate rapid acceleration and greater freedom of movement, offering numerous tactical advantages across different terrains.

Other advantages include the ability to deliver power at the point of need for military applications in the battlefield or emergency infrastructure in a disaster zone. For instance, one hybrid MAN support vehicle is capable of producing 500kw of power, equivalent to nine diesel generators, and could help power an Army field hospital.

Colonel Simon Ridgway OBE, Assistant Head Plans, Ground Manoeuvre, Army Headquarters, said:

“TD6 is a key part of the Army’s plan for electrification of the battlefield, which seeks to gain operational advantage through using novel solutions for power, performance and support while also reducing carbon emissions.

“The programme will provide evidence to support the benefits, both direct and indirect, that hybridisation of some or all of our vehicle fleet may bring to inform our roadmap towards a more capable and sustainable future.”

Magtec employs 125 people at its new factory in Rotherham, including 10 ex-services personnel.

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