Hybrid Vehicle Drives

Hybrid Vehicle Drives

Magtec produce a range of engine mounted generator systems and energy storage systems that together with the vehicle traction systems described above can provide a complete series hybrid drive solution. 

Magtec will undertake the specification, design and manufacture of the energy storage system required for a customers series hybrid vehicle. Depending on the vehicle and application this may be based on super-capacitors or high power LiFePO4 batteries. 





The Magtec P144/P146 motor and controller together with a P081 or P145 engine mounted generator can provide full performance for vehicles up to 12t GVW. The Magtec P169 traction motor and P075 generator will provide more than enough traction capability for vehicles all the way up to 26t GVW.

 Magtec series hybrid systems have demonstrated fuel savings in excess of 40% of a comparable conventionally driven vehicle and are priced to enable the capital outlay to be recouped through fuel savings in 2 to 3 years of operation. 




Magtec currently offer a retro-fit hybrid drive system for commercial vehicles and buses that enables operator to achieve significant reductions in operating costs whilst maintaining the capital investment in their existing vehicle fleet.

Magtec have developed parallel hybrid drive systems for 4x4 military and commercial vehicles which provide:

    Increased acceleration
    Greatly improved off-road drivability
    Reduced fuel consumption
    EV driving mode
    Static power generation with 230v and 415v AC power take off

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