Electric Vehicle Drives

Magtec P144/P146 motor gearbox and power controller combination are suitable for rear wheel vehicles up to 14t GVW. With an output power of 150kW this drive system is capable of matching the base vehicle speed and grade capability in most applications.

The Magtec P162 motor with its higher torque and single stage epicylic gearbox is capable of driving heavier vehicles up to 26t GVW and above.

Due to their inherent efficiency and by optimizing energy recovered by regenerative braking, Magtec drive systems can provide significant increases in range for a given battery size over other drive system solutions. For a fixed range requirement this can mean a significantly smaller battery with the associated cost and weight savings.

The P146 controller includes all the features of the P160 but also includes auxiliary inverters to run electrically driven hydraulic pumps for PAS and electrically driven air compressor for the vehicle braking system.

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