Hybrid Military Vehicle Programme led at UTAC’s Millbrook Proving Ground, on Behalf of the MoD

ByJim Erskine

July 20, 2021

UTAC is delighted to be supporting the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with the Technology Demonstrator 6 (TD6) military programme. Based at UTAC’s proving ground in the UK, the programme aims to determine the benefits that hybrid vehicles may bring to today’s battlefield mission.

TD6 commenced in January 2020 and is being managed by UTAC, on behalf of the MoD, with support from Jacobs, MAGTEC, RBSL on behalf of RMMV with MAGTEC, Supacat and General Dynamics UK (GDUK) on behalf of NP Aerospace. All electrification was undertaken by MAGTEC.

The programme entails two main strands of work. The first is to gather data on hybrid technologies from across the UK industry. This includes investigating development paths for hybrid and electric vehicle technologies to inform future vehicle development by the MoD. For this, Jacobs is developing a database of existing UK manufacturing capabilities and capacities, through the collection of knowledge and expertise. This has so far involved engagement with the UK industry through questionnaires, interviews and visits.

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