Tier 1 OEM – Direct to Line

Magtec develop electric drive system rafts which can be delivered direct to OEM production lines. We design tailored training programmes that enable OEM to install Magtec electric drive system rafts safely and as part of their production flow, which create new electrically driven vehicles for numerous application, such as refuse collection, last mile logistics, production to warehouse, specialist applications, for both the public and private sectors.

Magtec can also supply fully homologated electric vehicles targeted at the 7.5 tonne to 27 tonne commercial and public sectors. Magtec’s MEV75, a 7.5 tonne EV with payload ca 3.5 tonnes is ideal for inner city operations and is especially suited for operations in or around where low or zero emission zones are enforced.

“Magtec are proud to be at the forefront of ‘direct to line’ delivery of electric drive systems for commercial vehicles”
“Magtec continue to evolve with an environmentally driven strategy to continually push the boundaries of delivering zero tailpipe emission solutions and improving our planet”

Andrew Gilligan, Magtec Managing Director

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Our expert team are always on hand to discuss how we can transform your operation, with years of experience in the electrification of commercial, defence and special applications.