Special Projects – Large Fleet Operators

Magtec have extensive experience in research and development of Electric and Hybrid drive systems and components. Its inhouse capability is supported by technical and engineering teams covering; mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, telematics and more…

Special applications developed include:

  • Power Take Off Management Systems
  • Zero Emission solutions
  • EV system platforms for your Autonomous electric vehicles

“We are delighted to have been chosen to lead this project. The APC selects companies that they believe will be key players in the UK’s electric vehicle supply chain, and funds projects that will take productsinto this high-volume market. Working closely with leading automotive manufacturers and supply chain companies is an ideal position to be in as we work towards the volume production of our products. Importantly, this project will not affect the existing commercialisation plans for these cells, as set out at the time of our IPO, it will instead be complementary and focus on readiness to mass produce for our targeted automotive client base.”

Kevin Brundish, Chief Executive Officer of AMTE Power

Magtec remain at the forefront of innovation and has a history of delivering grant funded innovation projects standalone or in collaboration with partners from a wide range of complimentary industries. Current project include:

  • Innovation UK: SRBI Transitioning towards Zero Emission Vehicles: CR&D
  • APC15: Industrialisation of Magtec Motors
  • Innovate UK: Driving the electric revolution, accelerated supply chain development – Automated Dynamic Testing of Magtec Power Controllers
  • APC16: developing the UK’s low carbon automotive capability – ULTRA-powerful cells for Low-emission Transport.

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