Magtec are at the forefront of Rail electric and hybrid innovation. We are able to offer bespoke turn-key detailed designs, in-house assembly and installation services to repower existing rolling stock to battery powered hybrid traction in order to meet the UK government’s plans to end “diesel-only” trains being used on Britain’s railways by 2040.

Converting existing rolling stock to EV includes benefits such as:

  • Reduction in carbon and gaseous emissions by integrating Generator sets that are NRMM Stage 5 compliant
  • Lower fuel usage
  • Improved acceleration compared to diesel-only vehicles in the same class.
  • Reduced noise in built up areas

“Magtec are leading the charge to reduce the carbon footprint for the UK rail network”
“Working with ROSCOs is fundamental to Magtec’s Rail business stream and it demonstrates Magtec’s desire to positively effect our environmental impact”

Andrew Sloan, Magtec Head of Rail.

Magtec are working with Angel Trains to convert Class 165 DMU’s to be the UK’s first electrically driven Hybrid unit. Magtec’s innovative solution partners our internally designed and manufactured 400KW Traction Motor with a 600VDC Traction Controller that combines rail safety with vehicle integration. The system consists of 4 major systems (Traction, Generator Sets, Battery & Auxiliary systems) spread across 5 modular and individually removable underframe rafts. The system is able to automatically shut down the diesel generator sets on approach to and from stations to ensure that the Rail Operator is able to demonstrate lower noise and emissions in built up areas.

The innovation and development completed on the Class 165 Hybrid Drive project has enabled Magtec to create a system architecture that is scalable and transferrable to other vehicle types. The modular raft design has been built with the UK’s wider Net Zero goal in mind and would allow the replacement of the diesel generator units with a larger battery capacity or a Hydrogen equivalent.

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