Ancillary Systems

Ancillary Systems

Electric air compressor 

  • Electrically driven rotary compressor
  • Provides compressed air for brakes and suspension
  • 10 bar output
  • 2kW continuously rated
  • Speed modulated to minimise energy consumption
  • Reciprocating version available


P106 High Performance Electro-Hydraulic PAS

Magtec controllers can be provided with auxiliary inverters designed to drive electrically powered hydraulic pumps for PAS, air compressors for supplying the vehicle braking system and suspension and fans for engine cooling. These systems allow the vehicle to be used in EV mode and can also provide significant energy savings over ancillary systems driven direct from the engine.

ePAS system

  • Electrically powered hydraulic pump
  • Driven by the drive system controller
  • 2kW output power
  • Variable speed to minimise energy consumption

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