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Magtec EV Drive Systems - Designed for Ease of Integration

"As the UK’s leading supplier of electric drive-trains for commercial vehicles, Magtec are no stranger to the level of engineering that can be required to put an EV into revenue-generating service, with maximum performance, reliability, and a realistic ROI.

After more than 20 years designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing both EV, and HEV drive systems for buses and commercial vehicles, including driver interfaces and whole-vehicle commissioning, Magtec are perfectly placed to act as a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for vehicle OEMs and converters.

Magtec drive systems offer high efficiency and high performance, in a range of power ratings that are designed to be straightforward to integrate mechanically, and electrically – whilst offering all of the benefits of the latest permanent-magnet technology in a cost-effective package.

So it was no surprise that when, during the summer of 2013, a major UK bus manufacturer required a better EV drive-train for their existing, proven electric bus, they came to Magtec. Within two months the first Magtec traction motor and controller had been installed and commissioned, packaging neatly into the envelope that the previous drive-train occupied allowing the vehicle to be type-approved and put into service with minimal fuss. In-line with the predicted improvement in efficiency, the customer was able to reduce the capacity of their lithium-ion battery pack installed, further reducing costs and weight."

Photos and article from Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International

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